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Amiga's Standard Package is just £249 + vat and includes:

  • 3 x PIR Movement Detectors (Pet Sensitive Capability)
  • 1 x Magnetic Door Contact
  • 1 x Live External Bell Unit
  • 1 x Visonic Control Panel
  • 2 x Handheld Remote Fob
(* extra cost may apply)

Don’t just sit back and let your home and family become the next victim of Burglary!

All systems comply with SSAIB & fully insurance approved.

Types of Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are available in a range of varieties that serve the purpose of protecting a home against burglary. You can easily combine burglar alarms for the home with a surveillance system of a CCTV security camera for intrusion protection. Automatically record the activities taking place at home and obtain immediate alerts if the house is being invaded by any unwanted presence. Such alarm systems can be monitored electronically since they are computerized in nature. The design of security alarms can exist in the form of sensors where motion, sound or vibration can be detected. Keypads are small devices that can be mounted to initiate human interface system. Apart from this home security systems include the use of cameras, lasers, PCU etc. 

What are Sensors?

One of the best burglar alarms for the home can be sensors that consist of an alerting device that is placed in the periphery of an area. Unoccupied areas around the house or a building can be secured using sensors that detect motion, vibration, sound or any other source of intrusion. If the sensor is connected to a central monitoring system, you can immediately call for help in case of a robbery. Different types of sensors are available in the market –

1.Passive Infrared Detectors

Such kind of sensors are commonly found in both residential and office environments. Being passive in nature, the device detects heat energy given off by an object. It doesn’t generate energy of its own. PIR sensors cannot detect motion but they can easily catch fast and sudden movements that result in a change of temperature. If an intruder has to enter a certain point, the sensors quickly detect change of room temperature to body temperature which can trigger an alarm. Such sensors can easily be placed on the wall or the ceiling. They do however need a power supply as well as a detection signaling circuit. 

2.Ultrasonic Detectors

By the name itself it is quite easy to understand that ultrasonic detectors transmit UV waves that cannot be detected by human ears. The operation of the device works on the Doppler’s shift principle where change in frequency is a consequence of object motion. The detector functions on a simple process where a transmitter emits ultrasonic signals towards the protected area. Solid objects reflect the sound waves and can be detected by the receiver. If the surface is immobile then there is no shift in the frequency which equals the transmitted frequency. However motion causes change in frequency. The device can calculate the distance and direction of the waves. Once the alarm is operated, it is easy to understand that there has been an intrusion around the house. 

3.Vibration Detectors

Vibrations occur in the form of movement which is sudden and this can be detected using sensors that particularly can detect attack on the structure. Due to unstable mechanical configuration in an electric circuit, disturbance is recorded that breaks the current flow and leads to an alarm blowing off. The device is sensitive to distinct stages of vibration. Such sensors are fixed on particular structure having unique configurations. They can be very reliable however are generally mounted on fence. Today technology has shifted traditional vibration detectors to an alternate option of using Piezo electric sensors that have high sensitivity. 

4.Panic Alarms

Such detectors can be manually activated for gaining immediate assistance. If the system is monitored then the use of panic alarms is such that it can be silently activated. Panic alarms are excellent burglar alarms that can be used in the form of portable or wireless buttons, fixed buttons or combination keypads. It can also be connected to a telephone dialer to call for immediate help. You can have pre-recorded messages or numbers that can be used during an emergency. 

5.Other Detectors

There are burglar alarm systems that emit microwaves and detect change in the reflected waves i.e. change in frequency of wave. Another popular sensor is photo-electric beam that detects infrared waves. To increase the level of detection area, the beams are placed in stacks. This particular device is excellent to detect movement which is in long range. There are detectors that are equipped with smoke, heat or carbon monoxide detectors. Smoke detectors particularly protect a residence against fire hazards while heat detectors offer similar benefits. Carbon monoxide detectors alarm a recipient of the presence of high volume of carbon monoxide in the air. 

Benefits of Installing Burglar Alarm Systems

Before we understand certain facts about burglar alarm systems it is important to know the benefits. The need for security has become essential and people are ready to invest time and money into securing their homes. You might own a valuable property which can be targeted by thieves or robbers. With the introduction of economical and productive burglar alarm systems you can protect your home and belongings. Sensors, alarm systems, surveillance cameras etc are part of burglar alarm systems. Such sophisticated devices contain sensors and a low voltage power framework that is connected to the main control panel. 

Commonly used sensors detect when windows or doors are invaded consisting of wireless systems that can be used to activate alarms manually. Being inexpensive, such alarm systems have become a necessity since robberies have increase in the last few years. Burglar alarm systems also signify individuals of fire hazards, movements, carbon monoxide intrusion etc. Right from offering multi-zoned configurations with complex communication systems, burglar alarms can be used at home or property like a car. You can different kinds of alarms made for a fire or a burglary. The alarms can feature telephone registries using which help can be contacted directly. 

Automatic calls made to the homeowner can inform them of a burglary taking place. The calling options offer an alternate of calling another associate if the homeowner doesn’t respond. Based on zone configurations the system can be setup reflecting distinct activities. The accuracy of detecting immediate movement, heat energy or sound is part of burglar alarm system benefits. Security service provider can be contacted immediately if there is change in environment. The system comes alongside video surveillance systems that feature a monitoring program. If you have a home security system, then you can also obtain rebates while securing insurance. 

Transmission – Wired vs. Wireless

Whenever an alarm is triggered, the signals are passed across to control boards either through wires or wireless means i.e. radio, infrared, line carrier etc) While wired systems are convenient form of signaling control units of a robbery they do require power supply. Comprising of a panel that is centrally located, all wires of burglar alarm framework are connected to a single source. Wired transmissions cannot be intercepted and have a lesser chance of being tampered. Such a setup works wonders with smoke detectors, PIR etc. 

Wireless transmitters on the other hand work on battery and are fairly inexpensive. They are easier to install but aren’t as reliable as wired transmitters since batteries can easily discharge. Also such transmitters don’t work well on a long range basis. You might need wireless repeaters to transmit the signal to an alarm panel if used effectively. Wireless monitoring is a secure form of protecting your home security system since it doesn’t allow burglars to cut wires or disable the system.

What Do You Mean By Zones?

Burglar alarm zones specify the areas that are secured within a certain perimeter of the alarm system. A collection of sensors form a zone that allows recipients to pinpoint the exact location where the alarm was set off. Such a features works wonders if security is being maintained in a large area. Zones should be in-built flexibility to avoid consequences of extra expenses in the near future. Burglary devices can be activated for various time periods right from 24 hour drive to hourly detection. For this activated and inactivated plug-ins are used to monitor the alarm system manually. 

Zones can be divided into the following – The first zone comprises of the doors where one can enter or exit the house. The second zone is considered an instant perimeter where the backyard door or deck doors are usually considered. The third zone steps inside the interiors of the house. The fourth zone is meant for windows specifically or windows on the ground floor that are layered with sensors. Zones can be established in a variety of sectors and depending upon source of burglary, they can be laid out. 

Alarm Monitoring Systems

Arming and disarming the burglar alarm system is an essential part of monitoring your home security. You can turn on or turn off home security either automatically or manually. Such a framework is provided in the form of a keypad mounted on the wall with the use of a pass code. You can make use of an infrared remote as well which is a highly advanced form of activating and deactivating the home security system. While infrared remote requires the operator to be in line of sight, radio frequency can function from any distance. As long as a receive stays in range, radio frequency works excellently. 

Based upon the application of the alarm, the system can give out an alarm output which is combination, remote or localized. Local alarms don’t have monitoring assets and are placed with indoor and outdoor sounders. Lighting is an essential form of building a home security system that functions on sensors. Monitoring is a form of controlling the alerts that the alarm system gives out. If you’re stuck in the middle of a robbery then the response you receive from the burglar alarms isn’t enough to settle the situation. 

Remote alarm systems are connected to a control unit that consists of a predetermined monitoring configuration. The high end systems connect to a central station which is also known as a responder. Depending upon the application, medical, police or fire responders connect via wireless phone, radio or cellular network. An alarm monitoring system combines the effects of a sensor alongside the transmission to finally produce a result. 

Automatic Phone Dialer

The automatic phone dialer is a feature connected to alarm monitoring system where certain numbers can be contacted immediately the moment the alarm rings. Such a feature automatically dials a fixed number or sends a message to a certain contact without any manual action involved. Depending upon the intensity of the alarm the instrument starts dialing the required number and sends the auto-recorded message to the receiver. Automatic phone dialers use either electronic chips or cassettes though the former is much in use today. 

Automatic Lights

Whenever an intruder does step inside the protected premises, automatic lighting gets activated. Apart from strong alarm horns or ringers playing in the background, lighting functions on photosensitive sensors. Security lights are crucial for ensuring an intruder doesn’t advance further onto the property. Such lighting systems are automated and can turn on and turn off even while you’re away. This presents a situation where it seems the house is occupied therefore doesn’t become a target for robbery.

Power Back Up

Despite how efficient burglar alarm systems are, it is important to maintain several factors. One of the most important is power back-up. Since the home security system works on power therefore sufficient battery on standby mode should be maintained. The central control panel of a burglar alarm system is available in a range of sizes. Right from compact to modernized versions, control panels of a home security system are the source of function. Transmission of the input can be either wired or wireless depending upon what you want. You must regularly check system status or analyze acquired tapes from your surveillance camera to understand information input. 

You can choose how to arm and disarm the panel, install zones, sensors or automatic dialing through the control panel. The burglar alarm system is the brain of the home security framework hence should be purchased after considering a lot of factors. Using a skilled technician, install a healthy home alarm system that faces no interference from the external environment. Wiring the system to general or custom standards depends upon your requirements.

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